Top Performing CryptoCurrencies

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Live Data

This is live data pulled from exchange website. Please refresh if the data was blank. Please continue reading to see how this is done using Azure Functions.

Every time you refresh the page, it will get the current stats. I hope this has been useful.

If you just want to start, Coinbase is an easy way to start, they have a mobile app as well. here is the link:

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Programmers Section

Since this is a programming blog, here is how this is done. (Please note I assume you already know how to program)

Many of the Trading sites and LOTS of others, like Twitter and Instagram, provide a Rest API that is open to the public, they don’t need a membership, and provide great info. I’m using however I don’t know WordPress in depth to create plugins for it, but I know NodeJs, JavaScript, C#, and.Net.

Both Amazon and Microsoft have this concept of Serverless computing, that you can create a whole API and don’t setup a VM or any other server for that matter.

Azure: is the one I used, Basically Creating a NodeJs app, App calls the Coin Market Cap API and gets the data, cleans it up, and then exposes another rest endpoint. calling that address will kick off this whole process and produces an HTML page that I embedded here.

This whole cycle takes about 35ms!

This help also was very useful:




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