Who am I?

My name is Afshin (pronounced Afsheen) Saysun, I’m a software engineer by trade, photographer on weekends but I have studied Classical Music and hold a BM in Piano Performance from University of New Mexico. Studied under Maestro Falko Steinback, Although my training as Concert Pianist has been in classical music, I’ve played and performed different genre or traditions of music which includes Jazz, Persian, Blues, Traditional Persian, and Azeri to name a few.

Despite my education in Music, I work as Software Engineer for about 16 years. With the help of a couple of friends started my 2nd successful business at the age of 23 in telecommunications, I migrated to the USA. Had my own business until 2008. After a couple of years following market crash in 2008, I had to go find a job, because a couple of customers couldn’t pay or their payment took 12 months!

Currently, I’m working as Technical Architect and Lead at Department of Technology in Sacramento County.


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